"If I love my profession, it is perhaps because it takes the place of all the talents I lack."

-Coco Chanel





Hi, I'm Laura!

I am the owner and lead designer here at Flaura Botanica. I'm artsy and quirky and unconventional. But sometimes when you feel out of place, you find yourself in your purpose.

Flowers and I have had this little love affair for quite some time now.  They speak to me in a unique way that I have not found in any other medium. No one flower is the same, therefore no piece is the same. Their wild nature is unpredictably perfect. I thrive on the spontaneity that designing with flowers brings. When I started to learn the craft that is floral design, I knew I was home. 

I have been so honored and humbled to take part in the special events in people's lives through flowers.  It really is a privilege to share my craft with the world. And, maybe, I'll get the opportunity to share it with you, too!

Thanks for reading :)


Video: www.andreslopezfilms.com

Photos: www.sarahjordanphotography.com