Alyssa & Garrison

So it's been a sickly day at our house. My son went home sick yesterday and his fever has been climbing ever since. Meanwhile I'm trying to keep the germs off of his precocious, four year old sister - which is more of a challenge than it sounds! So, that took up most of my day and I'm just now checking my email. What do I find waiting for me? Pictures!! The universe is rewarding me ;-) I forgot to mention in my last post that this wedding was held at The Legacy Barn at Durham's Mill in Kathleen, Georgia. It's an absolutely lovely property built on land that used to be a family farm. As the farm went away and the land was handed down, the owners wanted to keep it in the family. So they turned

Alyssa & Garrison's Dramatic Blush and Burgundy Wedding

It's my first post!! In all honesty, I'm not too entirely great at this blogging thing. I tend to over explain things. Like, a lot. I find myself reading it back going, "Just get to the point already!!". So I'll try to do that.... although no promises! I love what I do. There is nothing like coming into a room of buckets and buckets of fresh flowers, sitting there, beckoning for you to come arrange them into pretty shapes. It's harmonious and chaotic all at the same time. That's kind of how I felt about designing this wedding. Alyssa came to me early on with lot of really cool inspiration photos (and, let's face it, she's the coolest, on-trend bride with a great eye). Dark, moody, dark burgu

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