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Alyssa & Garrison

So it's been a sickly day at our house. My son went home sick yesterday and his fever has been climbing ever since. Meanwhile I'm trying to keep the germs off of his precocious, four year old sister - which is more of a challenge than it sounds!

So, that took up most of my day and I'm just now checking my email. What do I find waiting for me? Pictures!! The universe is rewarding me ;-)

I forgot to mention in my last post that this wedding was held at The Legacy Barn at Durham's Mill in Kathleen, Georgia. It's an absolutely lovely property built on land that used to be a family farm. As the farm went away and the land was handed down, the owners wanted to keep it in the family. So they turned the trees (which they were forced to cut down due to wood beetles) into a barn and accompanying little suites. After their daughter got married there they decided to lend the property to other happy couples also looking to get married in their little wooded heaven. The owners are super sweet and very accommodating. It's the perfect place for the rustic weddings that are so "in" right now!

Drenay Everett Photography took these lovely photos as I was fluttering around burning the edges of ribbons and spraying flowers down with preservative. Please go visit her website and give her work a look at and/or find her on Instagram @de.jpeg!

And now... feast your eyes on some gorgeousness!

Alyssa and her police officer hubby are just SO darling. I am so humbled and honored that they picked me to design their flowers. How lucky am I?!

And with that... goodnight!


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