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Many creatives I know HATE Pinterest. The pressure to re-create something someone else has done, EXACTLY the way the bride sees it is daunting. This also strangles the ability to be creative... which is the whole reason why we do what we do. I would say that a good deal of florists, photographers, calligraphy artists, and even cake bakers are introverts who have found their voice making something beautiful. Making meaningful art. Something that people will cherish and love for the rest of their lives. It is a deep, personal experience for us, and the good creatives that really care about their work remain tortured because, well, we want you to love and accept it. At the root of it, we're giving you a part of ourselves. How can we give you something that's unique to us when we're trying to recreate something someone else has made? Thanks, Pinterest!

It does, however, have it's uses. For a lot of brides it's their first time getting married. What an amazing, joyful, exciting, terrifying, overwhelming time! The sheer amount of information and choices displayed on the internet is staggering and it makes the decision process that much more difficult.

But how do you know if you even like something if you've never seen it?

How can you tell your florist what you're dreaming about when you don't know what could be done?

Pinterest to the rescue! So, here are some gentle reminders to all the brides out there as they're sifting through all the images of that burgundy/blush/boho/lace wedding you're dreaming of:

Do Not Expect Replicas.

I talk more about this in the next paragraphs. But due to the unique circumstances of how work was created, please do not expect your wedding to look just like your Pinterest pin. Not only does nature not allow me to determine the EXACT shade of blush you need, or the exact size of the dahlias that come in that week, but each designer has their own way of creating. No two arrangements look alike. Also, photographers use editing to suit their style. This sometimes alters the colors of florals from their natural state. They may look brighter than normal or be a shade different. Not only that, but I don't want your event to look like something else you've seen! It should be unique and special to you.

Most Pins Are From Styled Shoots...

As a creative I have so many ideas. I'd love to flower everything I see! But, there isn't always a budget for that. So one way to market myself AND get out my creative itch is on styled shoots. I allow a budget for them each year to do this. It allows me to have complete, unrestrained freedom. The end result of 'no pressure creative freedom' is that bright cascading bouquet with tangerines in it that you haven't seen anywhere else. It allows me to show all of you what I can really do!! It's the flowers that were available that week, that season. Use peppers in an arrangement? Why not?! A photographer takes amazing shots, edits them, and then shops them to blogs. Hopefully a blog picks them up with all the participating vendor's info, and brides view them from all over. Eventually someone pins it to their wedding board. Voila. But it was done under certain conditions and captured in a certain way by a photographer who has their own creative vision. It is nearly impossible to recreate it again.

Photo by:

...Or Luxury Weddings.

Via: Pinterest

Similarly, luxury weddings with huge budgets are styled in such a way that make it look deceivingly inexpensive or even something a do-it-yourself bride could try. But very rarely is this the case. That pretty tablescape with little groupings of tulips, peonies, and roses that looks so simple? By the time you pay for the flowers, the vases, and the labor to care for, transport and arrange the flowers, you're looking at a $300+ centerpiece!!

Be ready to hear some outrageous quotes if you're looking for the exact replica of your Pinterest pins. I promise, we are NOT "ripping you off" as I've heard brides complain. The prices just are what they are. Trust me, if I could get a peony for the price of a rose I would be putting them in EVERYTHING!! :)

Pinterest Board = Vision Board.

People who have built successful companies use vision boards to mentally push and/or will themselves to attain what they see. Pinterest should be used as such. It's an idea or a feeling. A visual way to see your vision come to fruition. Not an exact replica of how it will go.

Relax And Let Your Vendors Handle It

Pinterest builds up these expectations, not only for the people putting on your wedding, but especially for you, the bride!! Sure, give your vendors the guide of your Pinterest board to give them the look and feel. But take the expectation away. Step back and let them do their thing and you will be pleasantly surprised at what we can create!

Off my soap box for now haha!!

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