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Thanksgiving and the Big Giveaway!

Well, as much as I tried to keep the Thanksgiving holiday a relaxing one (I even had a turkey made for me so I didn't have to deal with it lol), it still ended up being busy anyway! I say busy but it was really my own doing. I made pumpkin arrangements this year and had a blast doing it! Cute little centerpieces made out of real pumpkins were unique and loved by everyone.

These little guys were made using the smaller pumpkins that pumpkin pie is made from (for people who actually make their pies from scratch... I tip my hat to you!)

There are some amazing products out that "paint" flowers. I am loving the metallic paints that give arrangements that extra interest and shine! Clippings from the bushes out back also give it this beautiful texture that I love against the soft, creamy roses.

Cute pumpkins

In the words of my friend, Crystal: "So Presh!" I feel like the lids of the pumpkins not only balance the arrangement, but gives them this cute "hat-like" look! The pastel yellow color on this pumpkin was so unusual and different I had to snatch it up. I thought the end product turned out pretty spiffy! It was the centerpiece for Thanksgiving lunch.

The pie was not home-made, but the flowers were so I consider that a win ;)

Nooowww, on to our next line of business!

The Bridal Bouquet Giveaway!!!

It's my first big contest and I hope everyone has a little fun with it! I am giving away a bridal bouquet worth $100 to one lucky lady (or gent!). All you need to do is LIKE and SHARE the Flaura Botanica Facebook page, then comment on the event (so I make sure your name is entered in the drawing).

The best part about this contest is that the winner can choose to cash in their prize anytime from January 5th, 2017 to April 30th, 2017! So calling all you early '17 brides out there!!! Now is the time to have a chance to win a personalized piece of art for your special day! You can enter anytime from now until Jan. 2nd, '17. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

Unfortunately, this contest is for Georgia folks only (sorry!).

You can visit the event page HERE :)

Until next time!


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