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Merry Pampas!

Little late blogging about this - but here goes!

It's always fun to be festive, and in the work area is no exception. This year has been a rough one in the wedding industry, and I wanted to brighten my spirits. I had been meaning to decorate my studio for a while and when I purchased a metallic tree last year (and never put it up - oops!) I figured this was the year!

A little about what we do: Boho is an aesthetic that we do really well here at Flaura Botanica. Our pampas grass is foraged during it's very short growing season (late August - early October) so that we have it on hand for our various events. We make elaborate installations, arches, aisle markers, and even put it in bouquets! A lot of what is collected and dried is reused during the rest of the year for all of our boho designs.

Now, on to the tree.

I'm going to let you in on a secret: there's nothing complex about the construction of this tree! The base is a simple pre-lit Christmas tree. As I mentioned earlier, mine is metallic which helps it blend with the product better and doesn't make the center look "dark". But I'm sure a white Christmas tree would work as well. I layered in the pampas grass to each layer on the tree. By positioning the reeds themselves in an interlocking pattern, it keeps them secure within the tree. The real challenge of doing something like this is the sheer amount of product it takes to get this look.

The Deets

This tree easily takes 300 stems to decorate all the way around. This particular tree tree is 7 1/2 feet tall, and the amount of pampas would fluctuate depending on the size of your tree. This one is adorned at the top with dried metallic palm leaves and dried lunaria. The lunaria has a pearlescent sheen to it that reflects beautifully against the lights within the tree. While it's simplistic look makes it seem like it would be affordable, the product in it alone would cost around $3,500! This is before the actual tree structure is added in! For those that love the boho life, however, it would be a lovely permanent fixture to anyone's home.

Some disclaimers/tips about pampas grass:

- It sheds. A LOT. Be sure to put it in a space that can be cleaned up easily.

- Keep some of the shedding under control with a light coat of your cheapest hairspray.

- It's very flammable! Do not place anywhere near a flame of any kind (i.e. fireplace, candles). I also don't recommend that you leave it unattended with electrical lights near it. I turn the tree off if I'm not around.

- Sometimes it can get matted over time, especially if hairspray is used. I take mine outside and give it a shake. It usually fluffs right back out. Be aware that the more it sheds, the less fluffy it will be.

Since posting this tree to my Instagram feed, it has been shared and viewed thousands of times all around the world! I'm so blown away by the response to this tree that I made on a whim in my little floral studio.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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